RRPGCMS-Ronald Ross PG College Of Management Studies

RRPGCMS-Ronald Ross PG College Of Management Studies

RRPGCMS - Ronald Ross PG College Of Management Studies is located in Ranga Reddy, Andhra Pradesh and it is affiliated with Osmani University. We are committed to providing job oriented training to students along moral & ethical values. The whole infrastructure of the college supports students friendly atmosphere.

کلیدی نمائشیں

  • Peaceful atmosphere to study
  • Good Exposure to students on all fronts
  • A dedicated career guidance cell to meet the needs of all students

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رابطے کا بندہRonald Ross PG College Of Management Studies
رابطہ نمبر9290005545
ای میلinfo@ronaldrosspgcollege.ac.in
سرکاری ویب سائٹhttp://ronaldrosspgcollege.ac.in

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رابطے کا بندہRonald Ross PG College Of Management Studies
رابطہ نمبر9290005545
ای میلinfo@ronaldrosspgcollege.ac.in


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Ronald Ross P.G. College Koheda Road
Mangalpally (V)
Ibrahimpatnam (M)

Ranga Reddy


Ronald Ross PG College Of Management Studies کی پروفائل کو دنیا بھر میں 2 مقامات سے دیکھا گیا ہے، حال ہی میں سے Hyderabad.

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Ronald Ross P.G. College Of Management Studies Isunaided - Private Institute Located At Ranga Reddy District Intelangana . The Address Of The Institute Is Koheda Road, Mangalpally ( Village) Ibrahimpatnam ( Mandal) Ranga Reddy District Andhra Pradesh Pin : 501510 ,Rangareddi , Pincode501510 . It Operates Under The Parent Organization Ross Educational Society . The Institute Started Its First Course In 2004. Ronald Ross P.G. College Of Management Studies Is Open For Both Men And Women. Ronald Ross P.G. College Of Management Studies Is Open For All Sections Of Society. The Head Of The Insititute Is Principal Krishna Rao P . Contact Details: Website: Www.Ronaldrosspgcollege.Ac.In Email: Info(at)Ronaldrosspgcollege.Ac.In Landline No: 8414 - 202143

Course Details:

Affiliating Body: Osmania University, Hyderabad Year Started: 2004
Shift: 1st Shift Accreditation Status: NOT APPLICABLE
Course Type: FULL TIME Course Mode: Regular
NRI Approved : NA PIO Approved: NA
Any Foreign Collaboration : NA Name of Foreign University: -
Annual Fees (15-16): ? 27000 Course Duration: 2 years
Approved Intake (15-16): 180 Approved Intake (16-17): 180

Lab Details:

Sr No. Lab Name Programme Course Level of Course Major Equipments

Faculty Details:

Sr. No Name Gender Email Designation Level Specialization Date of Joining Appointment Type
1 Mr. KRISHNA RAO P Male info(at)ronaldrosspgcollege.ac.in PRINCIPAL PG FINANCE 25-Jul-11 Regular/Approved
2 Mr. ANIL KUMAR DONTHINENI Male anil_d1987(at)gmail.com LECTURER - MARKETING 08-Mar-16 Regular
3 Mr. ASIF MOHAMMAD Male asifmd78612(at)gmail.com ASST PROFESSOR PG FINANCE 22-Apr-13 Regular
4 Mr. AZMATH MOHAMMAD Male mdazmath.1(at)gmail.com LECTURER - MARKETING 08-Mar-16 Regular
5 Mr. GIRI T Male reachgiri(at)gmail.com PROFESSOR PG HR 01-Aug-09 Regular/Approved
6 Mr. HAREESH KOLA Male hareeshkola(at)gmail.com LECTURER - FINANCE 04-Mar-16 Regular
7 Mr. JALAJKUMAR Y Male jalajyadav.1234(at)gmail.com ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR - HR 08-Mar-16 Regular
8 Mr. KARTHIK S Male skarthik15(at)gmail.com LECTURER - MARKETING 08-Mar-16 Regular
9 Mr. KRISHNAPRASAD GADE Male gkrishnaprasadmba(at)gmail.com ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR - FINANCE 08-Mar-16 Regular
10 Mr. MADHUSUDHAN M Male madhusudhanachary(at)gmil.com ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR - MARKETING 04-Mar-16 Regular
11 Mr. MANOHAR R Male manoharking(at)gmail.com ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR PG MARKETING 21-Jan-11 Regular/Approved
12 Mr. MANOJ REDDY JANGA Male manojreddy-janga(at)gmail.com LECTURER - FINANCE 08-Mar-16 Regular
13 Mr. MURALIKRISHNA E Male krishnam602(at)gmail.com LECTURER - FINANCE 08-Mar-16 Regular
14 Mr. MURALIKRISHNA PAVAN PAPPU Male pappumuralikrishna.pavan(at)gmail.com LECTURER - HR 04-Mar-16 Regular
15 Mr. PARVEZ MOHAMMED Male parvezmd_mba(at)gmail.com LECTURER - MARKETING 04-Mar-16 Regular
16 Mr. PRASAD SR Male prasad.sr(at)gmail.com PROFESSOR PG MARKETING 01-Aug-09 Regular/Approved
17 Mr. RADHA KRISHNA KESHA Male radhakrishna_kesha(at)gmail.com LECTURER - FINANCE 08-Mar-16 Regular
18 Mr. SANTOSH KUMAR BANDI Male bandi.santoshkumar(at)gmail.com ASST PROFESSOR PG MARKETING 22-Apr-13 Regular
19 Mr. SHIVAKRISHNA MANTHENA Male manthenashivakrishna(at)gmail.com LECTURER - FINANCE 04-Mar-16 Regular
20 Mr. SURYAPRAKASH S Male sp_mba1966(at)gmail.com ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR - HR 04-Mar-16 Regular
21 Mr. UMESH PASUPULETI Male umeshpasupuleti(at)gmail.com LECTURER - FINANCE 08-Mar-16 Regular
22 Mr. VIJAYSHEKHAR DANDE Male vijay_dande(at)gmail.com LECTURER - FINANCE 08-Mar-16 Regular
23 Ms. HARINI M Female mammuharini(at)gmail.com PROFESSOR PG FINANCE 21-Jan-11 Regular/Approved
24 Ms. SAMATHA REDDY C Female samathareddy.c(at)gmail.com LECTURER - HR 04-Mar-16 Regular
25 Ms. SIREESHA PB Female pornimaseerisha(at)gmail.com ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR PG HR 21-Jan-11 Regular/Approved
26 Ms. SOWMYA GADALA Female sowmyagadala(at)gmail.com LECTURER - HR 04-Mar-16 Regular
27 Ms. SREELAXMI V Female sreelaxmivajram(at)gmail.com PROFESSOR PG HR 21-Jan-11 Regular/Approved

Library Facilities :

Reading Hall Capacity: 100
Library Network: DONE
No of Multimedia PCs: Y
Reprographic Availability: Y
Working Hours: 9.30 A.M. TO 5.30 P.M

Library Books :

Sr No. Book Details
No of Titles: 1000
No of Volumes: 10000
No of National Journals: 45
No of Inter-National Journals: 45

Anti-Ragging Details:

Name of Committee Member: Dr. P. Krishna Rao
Committee Type: Anti-Ragging Committee
Profession: Principal
Associated With: Principal
Date of Appointment: 01-Nov-12
Name of Committee Member: Ms. V. Sree Laxmi
Committee Type: Anti-Ragging Squad
Profession: Professor
Associated With: Professor
Date of Appointment: 01-Nov-12

Student Count

Sr. No. Course Programme Level Shift First Year Student Count(15-16)
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  • آجر کو حوصلہ افزائی کریں
    ہزاروں کی بھرتیوں کو آپ کے کیمپس کا دورہ کرنے کے بارے میں باخبر فیصلہ کرنے کی اجازت دیں.
    آجر کو حوصلہ افزائی کریں
  • امداد داخلہ
    داخلہ طلباء کو آپ کے کالج اور اس کے طلباء کو پسند ہے اور شامل ہونے کے بارے میں معلوم ہے.
    امداد داخلہ
صرف اس کالج کے طالب علموں کی طرف سے معلومات کی تازہ ترین معلومات