MZSC provides splendid background for academics

MZSC provides splendid background for academics

1. Library- The library in MZCE is learning center of newest literature and learning as well as information about all topics that is required by the faculty members, students and researchers. It also has a high degree of computerization for best transactions and services.
2. Hostel- MZCE provides such an ambience that the students since they are at home. The rooms are well furnished, airy, with attached bathrooms, proper housekeeping facilities, telephone facilities and are equipped with a number of other amenities as well.
3. A course offered- They provide full time programs for MBA, MCA, engineering and technology. The engineering courses namely electronics & communication engineering, electronics and instrumentation engineering, information technology, electrical & electronics engineering and computer science & engineering

Mount Zion College of engineering is a college with dissimilarity. The location of the college itself is very much comforting, thus providing an excellent background for academics. The college is having a huge university grounds spread over 25 acres. The excellent environment offers a pleasant environment for students to study. They organize a variety of extracurricular activates like tours, workshops on stress management, art festivals, events, etc. Mount Zion College of Engineering is presently conducting many International Certification programmers in their campus. This facilitates the students to obtain a valid International Certification.

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