Meerut College

Meerut College

Meerut College is affiliated by Chaudhary Charan Singh University along with other international affiliations. The Institute imparts quality education in many fields of communication and media technology. Meerut College offers bachelors programs as Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC), and masters program as Masters of Mass Communication (MMC). Both the degree programs are affiliated with Pforzheim University. The Institute also offers Diploma course in field of Mass Communication as Post Graduate diploma in Mass Communication (PGDMC). The Diploma program is also affiliated by Pforzheim University. Meerut College is governed and managed by the Guru Dronacharya Educational Society. The trust is registered with the Registrar of Societies, Government of National Capital of Delhi.

The UGC (University Grant Commission) has recognized the University for its Offering Courses under Section 2(F). Meerut College provides great facilities for its students as the campus is housing a studio quality video lab for Broadcast students. In this lab the students learn composition, ambience, lighting and proper framing for better visual effect. The students are also provided access to many of equipment like digital still cameras, minidisk recorders, and digital video cameras.

The Meerut College campus also consists of a high-tech Audio lab and a techno center for Audio-visual editing, the lab is equipped with professional level software’s. The institute building has a dummy News Studio for training and practice purpose of students. Other facilities offered by the Meerut College include editing labs, a Library, Hostel facility, and an internet enable computer lab.


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