Maharshi Dayanand University

Maharshi Dayanand University

Distance Education is an established and recognized mode of education which is in consonance with changing socio-economic needs and emerging demands of the knowledge era. Keeping up with the spirit of Open University system and in the view of long-standing demand of heterogeneous groups of student’s community, the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (MDU), has started a wide spectrum of courses.

Over the years, DDE has expanded tremendously in terms of programmes, enrolment and study centers. The various programmes offered by the Directorate range from conventional to management and technical as per needs of the area and employment opportunities available in the country.

Out of 40 programmes being offered by DDE, 21 are leading to Postgraduate degree, 14 courses for Bachelors degree, 5 courses is P.G. Diplomas.Besides, other courses DDE have Master in Computer Application (MCA), Master in Business
Administration courses as well through Distance Mode.

Through these 40 programmes, DDE is imparting education to more than 1, 27,000 students through its study centers.

The reasons for the popularity of its programmes have been account of carefully designed curriculum, well planned teaching learning strategies, effective student support system and fair examination and evaluation system. The teaching-learning strategies employed for effective dissemination of knowledge and mitigating the feeling of isolation of distance include printed study material in simple form, Sunday and other holiday’s classes at University approved study centers, personal contact programme (PCP),

Assignments, and Internal Tests, Projects, Field work and well established labs. The excellent technical libraries include facility of Videocassettes, E-mail, Internet, CD-ROM, and practical. In addition to above, face-to-face (F2F) and telephone counseling is provided to distance learners by in-house faculty of DDE at the headquarter and by the resource persons at respective study centers.

In order to promote effective academic and administrative support to the distance learners, DDE has a network of study centers, which makes teaching-learning process easier and more interesting for them in a congenial atmosphere. Expert teams make frequent visit to the study centers to get first hand information and this feedback helps the directorate to make further improvement in its programmes.

DDE is housed in a spacious building, which is properly ventilated and easily approachable. Enquiry cell and Computer lab are manned by experienced staff. The credit for the present status of the directorate goes to the invaluable participation and co-operation of the University Authority, IGNOU, DEC, NCTE &
Statutory Bodies associated with Distance Education Systems.


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