How is the hostel life at VIT ?

Is it better to stay outside (in mess) than college hostels ?

  • Deepika Raval
  • 29 июл
  • 3 ответы

3 ответы
  • as for the life inside hostel you are expected to report back to college campus by 6:30 pm for boys and girls. the hostel rules are somewhat too stringent for girls and stringent enough for boys if you are an explorer who wants to find out more about city then the hostel is not meant for you. you need to report back to hostel by 7 pm for girls and 9 pm for boys hence keep that in mind before choosing hostel, also after 9 pm the college is silent zone. hence keep a clear mind before choosing.

    • Hostels and Mess Food are really good if you compare with other private colleges. But mess food will be mess food! Its really a matter of perspective. I would advise you to stay in the hostel for at least the first year and then decide on the next years according to the experience. PS: The first year hostel blocks are the best among all the blocks!

      • Hostel is good. There are so many messes. You can change mess every month. You can opt one you like.

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