PIT-Panimalar Institute of Technology
PIT-Panimalar Institute of Technology

PIT-Panimalar Institute of Technology

  • Anna University of Technology(Chennai)

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Welcome to PIT - Panimalar Institute of Technology Rank Board! These are the top talented and active youth from this college. This ranking is calculated by our yRank algorithm which comprises of 7 factors: yTests, Reputation Points, Profile completeness, Activeness, Social Vouches, Recommendations and Premium Profiling. The initial ranking you see below is considering 2 factors of Profile Completeness and Activeness. Looking for ranking by any specific one or more talents, course, location or specializations? Put those criteria in search selection boxes below and get updated rank-board. Read More about How To Increase Your Rank here Corporates can search talented people through this rank board and contact them through Send Mail option after selecting their names !!!
Activeness Profile Completeness
1 - 18 of 957
Youth Course Specialization Batch Rank
M Jijendira Prasath M Jijendira Prasath BE BTech CS-Computer Science 2020 1
Merlene Lawrence Merlene Lawrence BE BTech EEE-Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2020 2
Hari Prabha H Hari Prabha H BE BTech Other 2017 3
Aravindan Adan Aravindan Adan BE BTech ME-Mechanical Engineering 2016 4
Vignesh B Vignesh B BE BTech Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 2019 5
Karthikeyan S Karthikeyan S BE BTech IT-Information Technology 2019 6
Gomathi Paramasivam Gomathi Paramasivam BE BTech Other 2014 7
Sri Nandhala Sri Nandhala BE BTech ECE ENTC-Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering 2017 8
Monisha Selvaraj Monisha Selvaraj BE BTech CS-Computer Science 2016 9
B. Aravind B. Aravind BE BTech Quality Control 2015 10
Monish T Monish T BE BTech ECE-Electronics and Computer Engineering 2019 11
Salman M Salman M BE BTech Web Development 2018 12
Cesho Jephil Cesho Jephil BE BTech IT-Information Technology 2020 13
Steffina Morin Steffina Morin BE BTech CE-Computer Engineering 2012 14
Preethi G Preethi G BE BTech IT-Information Technology 2019 15
Maddina Prudhvi Ram Maddina Prudhvi Ram BE BTech ECE ENTC-Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering 2019 16
E.Anusha Sree E.Anusha Sree BE BTech CE-Computer Engineering 2018 17
Parithimalavan Kodaiyarasu Parithimalavan Kodaiyarasu BE BTech ME-Mechanical Engineering 2015 18