PCTBC-P C Training and Business College
PCTBC-P C Training and Business College

PCTBC-P C Training and Business College

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PC Training and Business College

By Sizo Xelanto
PC Training and Business College

The PC Training & Business College offers courses on various levels in a number of fields of education like Information technology, Communication technology, and Business management sciences. The institute has so far created 130,000 professionals from its various programs and courses since its inception twenty two years ago.

The PC Training & Business College is recognized by the Department of Higher Education (South Africa) for its courses on higher education level and as a training college. The college has also been accredited by many of the SETAs (Sector Education and Training Authority) and The Council on Higher Education (CHE), Umalusi. The institute offers programs in three ways as degree and diploma courses, certificate courses, and skill courses on various levels.

The PC Training & Business College offers degree and diploma courses in two departments as DEPARTMENT OF MEDIA, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS, ECONOMIC AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES. The courses includes Bachelor of Science (Information technology/ and management), Diploma in Information Technology, Advanced certificate in Information technology, Higher certificate in information technology, higher certificate in systems engineering, Advanced certificate in systems engineering, and diploma in software engineering. The certificate courses offered by PC Training & Business College are also available in various fields such as Services SETA Accredited courses, ISETT SETA accredited courses, and FASSET SETA accredited courses. PC Training & Business College also provides its higher education courses by means of distance education and online education. The institute hosts an online platform for the e-learning programs offered by the institute on various levels.


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