PC-Presidency College

PC-Presidency College


Presidency College

By Sidheeq .Tharakkarathintavida
Presidency College

Presidency College is one of the best colleges of the nation and it is one of the prestigious college where every student wants to take admission. It was established during British rule in India in 1855. There are various departments in the Presidency College such as Biotechnology, Botany, English, History, Mathematics, philosophy and many more, students can pursue their in the interested field.
There are many facilities are provided by the college such as
Classroom- The classroom is designed in such as ways,it is comfortable for the students and the faculty to interact with each other. The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated which make the students feel to study in friendly environment.
Library- The library of the Presidency College is spacious and it has more than 18000 volumes of books and many other famous national and international journals and magazines.
Computer lab and bio tech labs- There are three computer labs with the capacity of 50 students in each computer room. There is high speed of connectivity of internet where students can surf their respective topics and get update. The bio-tech lab is the best lab of the Presidency College.  The lab is well equipped with the latest technology , machines which make the students perfect.
Auditorium- There is a capacity of around 200 students at a time in the auditorium. It is fully fledged and well maintained and well equipped with the audio and video system.


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