MSU-Manonmaniam Sundaranar University

MSU-Manonmaniam Sundaranar University


MSU offers best education facilities to its students

By Ankur Sorathia
MSU offers best education facilities to its students

The MS University provides healthcare centre, which offers basic Paramedical and medical services to the students and staff of the college. The services enclosed are investigative, consultative, curative type, with Malaria, S.T.D and Drug abuse etc. In 1990, the behavior of the computer center undergoes a major restructuring with the organization of a branch in the university workplace building for the purpose of managerial convenience, which was meant to take care of the computerization of various university operations of exams, management, and accounts.
The University offers four years bachelors courses such as Bachelor in textile Engineering, Bachelor in Pharmacy, and Graduation in computer Engineering, Bachelor in Electronics Engineering, Graduation in Architecture, and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. The colleges conduct NCC to the student which improves the students ability and energetic and guide them in a correct way so that the student can play an important role in the growth of India. The students have a huge opportunity to improve their ability and talent. Besides, the Military guidance also giving to the students. The college offer well experienced faculty members to the students. The college provides NSS program, which is sponsored by the Government, and the system involves student youth in several helpful activities, in the rural and urban areas.

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