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MIT-Madras Institute of Technology


Madras Institute of Technology

By Siva
Madras Institute of Technology

Madras Institute of Technology was established in the year 1949, by the Shri. C. Rakjam, he has given new independence to the country by establishing Madras Institute of Technology. The college is having all the courses in the field of technology automobile, electronics, aeronautical, instrument technology and many more, now college has update with the new course of Rubber and Plastic technology and Production technology. In the year 1978 the Madras Institute of Technology tied-up with the Anna University and promotes education.

Former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam studies from Madras Institute of Technology and many other famous personalities of the country also produced by the Madras Institute of Technology. The institute has developed a lot and the institute has earned lot of good reputation by giving the best education in the field of technology. The institute has received many awards in the various fields. The vision of the Madras Institute of Technology is to become the world top technical college. The college give stress to give the best education to the students and uplift the students mentally, socially and economically. The Madras Institute of Technology best known  for the best facilities and a leader in the technical field.

Every department of the Madras Institute of Technology is well maintained and well equipped with the latest technology. The institute has given the best facilities to the students from which they get update about new development and they can come out with new and innovative ideas.


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