MDIS-Management Development Institute of Singapore

MDIS-Management Development Institute of Singapore


Management Development Institute of Singapore

By Manav Fuller
Management Development Institute of Singapore

In October of 2011, the governing bodies of the University of Wales, Swansea Metropolitan University and the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David made a commitment to merge. The three institutions will work together to create a unified institution under the 1828 Charter of the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David. With a strong student base across several campuses, the University will also offer a range of service facilities on a local, regional, national and international basis. The transformed University will cease to be an accrediting body for other Universities in Wales, will bring to a close validated programmes offered at centres in the UK and overseas and will introduce a new academic model.

The University of Wales exists to serve Wales and its people. It does so by: The College is working energetically to maintain the University of Wales degree and the University of Wales brand as global exemplars of excellence and quality. Thereby, supporting and promoting Welsh Higher Education (HE) and contributing positively and significantly to the brand image and brand value of Welsh HE and of Wales as a whole.

The institute is in collaboration and in partnership with other Welsh university institutions and with others in Wales, supporting and facilitating strategic initiatives in Welsh higher education. The Institute isinteracting with the rest of the world, through collaborative academic provision and through other intellectual and cultural linkages and partnerships - taking the best of Wales to the world and bringing the best education to Wales.


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