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LKCM-Lord Krishna College of Management


Modern Infrastructure of LKCM

By Shivam Porwal
Modern Infrastructure of LKCM

     As times change, so have to the facilities offered to students at institutions.  Lord Krishna College of Management considers it an opportunity to be able to upgrade its infrastructure to better educate students.  These new developments create a dynamic learning experience for the students which is a boon rather than a bane. 

     At LKCM, the infrastructure is a very important element of the core strategy after stress on quality education and and understanding of values and ethics.  The infrastructure is planned in such a way so as to make the discovery, transfer and application of knowledge seamless.  These principles has helped LKCM to produce managers and leaders who excel in innovation and embrace new challences and opportunities.  The campus is set out to be conducive to academic study and learning among the students.  It is over 2 million square feet and has ample of space for open grounds. 

     The infrastructure is of global standards and high technical quality.  The machines are the best available in the country.  The classrooms are spacious and bright.  The students can access the latest computing and research facilities.  The hostels are safe and secure as well as neat and clean.  The cafeterias are large and serve delicious and nutritional meals and snacks.  There are provisions for sports and recreation so that each student can explore and exploit any hidden talents or potentials.


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