JSB-Jyotirmoy School of Business
JSB-Jyotirmoy School of Business

JSB-Jyotirmoy School of Business

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Jyotirmoy School of Business

Jyotirmoy School of Business

Jyotirmoy School of Business under of the Jyotirmoy Education & Welfare Foundation is a part of the triumvirate of colleges established in Sonarpur , Kolkata .

Its founder president Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli had already done much work in the promotion of inters country & inters university academic programs. This experience moved him to visualizea school which will truly draw from all the best facets of management practices in the East & West. Saraswati Online.com has been representing premier universities in the South East Asian region since 2004. The company was formed in the year 2000 and currently is the India office for 8 prestigious universities in China and 1 university in the Philippines.

Great care is always taken to ensure that the colleges partnered with it are enlisted
with the Medical Council of India www.mciindia.org and with the World Health
Organization www.who.int and International Medical Education Directory FAIMER

Its offices are located at Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Guangzhou (China) and Hongkong. It also functions through business associates in India and abroad, including Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Its core team comprises of:

Dr. P S Ganguli, Phd., a technocrat with over 20 years experience in the fields of education and technology.

Vanita Ganguli, (MA), (B.Ed) Director Operations heads the Bangalore office and specializes in all the marketing and communication activities.

Dr. Amit Kumar Bose, MS, is the head of academics and manages & monitors the medical education programs in the universities.

It has had the distinction of sending 93 (77 from India & 16 from Nepal) students in its maiden effort in 2004 and 600 in the year 2005 - a jump of more than 600%.


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