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Jaipur National University

Jaipur National University

Jaipur National University is imparting education to students in Jaipur city with a global approach and a well-managed curriculum. The University offers various courses through its various faculties-

• Engineering and Technology
• Business and Management
• Computer And Systems Sciences
• Hotel Management & Catering Technology
• Life and Basic Sciences
• Pharmaceutical Sciences
• Education
• Social Sciences
• Seedling School of Law & Governance
• Seedling Institute for Media Studies (SIMS)
• Distance Education & Learning
• Nursing
• Languages, Literature And Society

Jaipur National University is catering education not only to local youth but it is also imparting courses for foreign students, and has established a separate cell for foreign students.  The college hosts various seminars and lectures for student guidance. Jaipur national University hosted the SEVENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS AND GLOBAL BUSINESS ISSUES.  Along with these, the JNU University also hosts a number of University cultural events like Technorazz-2012, Induction Programme- 2012. Technorazz is a Technical and Cultural Fest which is hosted by the university on a yearly basis. Technorazz provides a platform for the students to share their views and ideas, to compete & update their knowledge about the field with more than 10,000 participants from around 100 universities & colleges participating from all over India.

The University has also formed tie-ups and MOUs with many international universities and societies’ like- Bond University (Australia), London School of Business and Management (UK), University of Central Lancashire (UK), Institute for Pre-Service Training and Professional Teaching Practice (Freiberg, Germany), British Council, New Delhi for DEC Courses of the University of Cambridge, (UK), and Lincoln University, California, (USA).


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