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How is the hostel life ?


  • Suman Kansotiya
  • 18 Mar
  • 11 Answers

11 Answers
  • Ya hostel life is Good ,with proper fooding. No ragging .seniors are cooperatives .nice environment with free garden gims. But problem for girls hostel is WiFi's a very big issue ...WiFi does not work properly .and if u want to connect hotpot from your phone then there will b network problem always in hostel rooms ..

    • you may find extreme environment of druggist and diluterist particularly in hostel. there is no close monitoring to the students from the respected authority of the hostel. so it depends on you if you can avoid these surrounding. second most worst thing of hostel is worstest fooding in spite of paying lot for it. lack of study environment too.

      • Hostel life is very good. Students from nearby states like Jharkhand, Chattisgarh come to our college and they really enjoy their 4 years here. Food Quality is not so bad but at the same time the area has lot of affordable restaurants. The rooms are cleaned regularly.

        • Hostel life is amazing and so as the entire environment. Food quality is good. Hostel warden are also cooperative and rooms are cleaned in a daily basis.You'll be enjoying your hostel life if u join ITER.

          • I don't know much about hostel life but it must be good as our entire campus is ragging free.

            • Hello suman, sorry for late intimation. Hostel life is good. zero tolerance means no ragging. food is manageable. Rooms are cleaned everyday. Hostel wardens are co-operative. Most of the hostels are inside campus,while some are outside the campus

              • No ragging, cleaned. Rooms, Also food is good..

                • ITER college provides best hostel facilities, the rooms are cleaned every day, hostel staffs are very friendly and the most important thing is most of the hostels are inside the campus so dont worry about it......

                  • Hello Suman, sorry for my late reply as I was quite busy.... Yeah its great in here ITER hostel....we enjoy a lot and our hostel staffs are quite friendly...and you can make good memories..

                    • Yeah its great in its own way! Heck of a life here. Sure to make load memories.

                      • Especially NO RAGGING...then Hostel staffs are too friendly..Do enjoy it with a good friend circle.

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