VIT-Vellore Institute of Technology
VIT-Vellore Institute of Technology

VIT-Vellore Institute of Technology

I am Megana pradeep interested in from HOSUR

When applications are issued?

  • Megana Pradeep
  • 11 नवम्बर
  • 6 Answers

6 Answers
  • Megana , I having completed my PG from VIT Vellore Campus, would suggest you to go for it if you are planning to pursue your B.Com. degree from VIT Vellore. There you will get together with a diversity of opportunities each and every day and a quite a good exposure to your skillset.

    • Yes it is a good place to learn with that you will get full exposure to other curricular activities to improve your skills.

      • Hi megana, Applications for B.Com were given in the month of April and by next month classes will start, most probably. Thanks

        • As we heard vit university is the good place to learn and enrich our knowledge.. Choose vellore vit campus

          • Ask anything about vit university ??

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