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VCW-Vasanta College for Women

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Is there a Hostel, Gym, labs, auditorium in VCW-Vasanta College for Women ? Please give details.

  • Neha Gupta
  • 07 नवम्बर
  • 5 Answers

5 Answers
  • Yes vasanta college for women has its hostel nearby the college. It has gym, labs and big auditorium in the college.

    • Yes,there is a hostel of our college named Vasant is a very good hostel for girls out there and has proper facilities required for a hostel.....and also a gym and an auditorium is there ....and various events are conducted is that auditorium time to time.

      • Yes, Our college have a hostel named vasant ashram, gym, labs, auditorium. Various program conduct in auditorium, a very useful information given to students through this platform.

        • Yes vsanta college has hostel know vasant ashram and gym also at the side of art deprtment and auditorium ia the place in vasanta college where assembly and various functions are conducted ,various information is also provided ,there are lab also and any student can easily practice in that lab can use it

          • Yes , in our college there are Hostel called( Vasanta Ashram) , there is Gym also near the art s department , ofcource there is auditorium . our assembly of all departments are organise in auditorium and all the important notices are given in auditorium.we have labs also .

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