PEC-Panimalar Engineering College

PEC-Panimalar Engineering College

Success fo PAnimalr Engineering college

IS there is any reason to behind PEC, the top college?Tell me the Success fo PAnimalr Engineering college...Take the more UNiversity rank holders...?.How I come in that University rank holders list?

  • Gopinath Sekar
  • 19 फरवरी
  • 6 Answers

6 Answers
  • Coaching is best.. All faculties give their best.. It is 1 of the reason for being top

    • faculties give their best always and more opportunities will be provided

      • That depends on your idea of a top college. Yes if want to spend your 4 years just learning answers by heart and repeating the same in exams, please join this college. But if you want to learn something and to explore oppurtunities and most importantly if you want a good career and good future, please stay away from this college.

        • Teachers provide comceptwise explanation

          • Its basically beacuse you could find nothing other than academics in this college.. Every nook and corner is filled with academic related things with zero exposure.. So you have no other choice other than scoring marks.. I would also say that pec ranks top not because of their coaching but mainly because of their support in students internal marks and also practicals.. Which none other college's in Chennai provides.

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