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Activeness Profile Completeness
1 - 18 of 933611
Youth Course Specialization Batch Rank
Sumit Kumar Pundhir Sumit Kumar Pundhir Science 2008 1
Nisha M Alexander Nisha M Alexander B.Com 2008 2
Deepesh Bhoi Deepesh Bhoi Computer Networking 2013 3
Nirmala Muchugutti Nirmala Muchugutti B.Sc CS-Computer Science 2008 4
Chandni Desai Chandni Desai BCA IT-Information Technology 2016 5
Sujeet Kumar Pandey Sujeet Kumar Pandey BE BTech Avionics 2015 6
Siddhesh Anand Rane Siddhesh Anand Rane Science 2007 7
Kheera Mani Kheera Mani BCA Software Engineering 2017 8
Nishant Rai Nishant Rai MCA Computer Application 2012 9
Heena Chourasia Heena Chourasia BE BTech CE-Computer Engineering 2013 10
Malladi Padma Priya Malladi Padma Priya MBA Finance 2013 11
Vijaya Raghava Sai Ram Poluru Vijaya Raghava Sai Ram Poluru Accounts and Finance 2011 12
Alok Kumar Alok Kumar MBA Marketing 2012 13
Abhinay Singh Abhinay Singh Other Other 2018 14
Amritha Varshini Amritha Varshini BE BTech CS-Computer Science 2016 15
Syed Baji Shaik Syed Baji Shaik DWD Web Designing and Graphics Designing 2011 16
Shanmugam Palani Shanmugam Palani BE BTech AE-Automobile Engineering 1998 17
Pravin Kumar Pravin Kumar Bsc CS CS-Computer Science 2010 18