How are the placements in ITMU-ITM University ?

What is the general placement trend? The average salaries and what percentage of students actually find a job directly from campus ?.
What kind and which companies visit the campus ?

  • Neha Gupta
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  • How is the placement cell doesn't concern when u read how the placement itself is. Talking about the engineering background, the placement is pathetic and when it comes to MBA, the situation worsens! The environment to study is good enough but the trend for placement is poor. In engineering hardly 20-30% of batch strength gets placed with less than 10% in satisfactory job. For MBA, the percentage is even poor.

    • I'll answer all your questions miss Neha one by one! Let's see start with internships! No company visits the campus for summer internship recruitment! If anyone manages to land a internship it's all by his own efforts or external sources.

      • Itm provides a platform for learning and guiding you to enhance your knowledge..for this, we have Project based learning (PBL) which allows an individual to specialize in different different areas of learning, it offers logical and practical ways where multiple skills can be improved.

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