How are the placements in ITER-Institute of Technical Education and Research ?

What is the general placement trend? The average salaries and what percentage of students actually find a job directly from campus ?.
What kind and which companies visit the campus ?

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  • Before 2 years the placement was good .But now the condition of placement in iter is worst .The placement in charge don't even take care or take a bit serious about the campus or future of students ..2018 batch have 20% or may b bellow that placement ...maximum companies are BPOS's better not to waste 12 to 13 lakh's here where no sure of getting job. ..rather go somewhere else.

    • campus 2018 is very unsatisfactory.

      • 2017 ,..more than 500 students get FAKE campus. it has also highlighted very much during that time in media. for the same reason the the university is no more DEEMED UNIVERSITY. it is TO BE deemed now. TCS has black listed the college and not going to come ever .

        • Placements are really good. Last year was a tough year but this year the placement scenario is really good. Companies like Amazon, Infosys, Mu Sigma, Deloitte, Justdial, Mahindra & Mahindra, TVS motors and many others. Around 60 companies have already come to the campus this year with average package of around 3.5-4 lacs. If you come here and study with full dedication then there's lot of scope in reputed companies.

          • Placements for 2016 were magnanimous, 875 students were placed in TCS and student even got into companies with lpa more than 7 lacs, companies like TCS,deloitte, Amazon, capgemini,tech mahindra, mindtree,tvs etc visited the campus, though as a drawback core companies were equivalent to negligible . As per the current situation, in 2017 a number of fake placements were held in the college. The fact is not hidden, as of now we can't predict what will be the condition of placements in the upcoming years.


              • placements are good if you want to join software companies..companies with package >7lacs takes very few student...but if u are deserving enough then you will be selected.

                • If u are interested. In software. Jobs U are welcome..

                  • if you are joining iter for placement then i will suggest you to take admission in any other institute

                    • If an individual secured 60% and above in their academic throughout then easily he/she can be placed in many companies like wipro ,infosys etc. one thing i would like to mention that very less or no core companies visit our college for campus and if they visit only few are selected.

                      • every year placements are good enough.... most of the students are placed in IT depends on your performance and also pure luck..

                        • Majority of the students are placed in 2 IT companies only(irrespective of all branches) every year same 2 companies will come and take students by random exams & PIs. Lucky ones get job and unlucky ones don't(PURE LUCK). NO SCOPE FOR GENUINE TALENTED PEOPLE WHO ARE 10% OF TOTAL STRENGTH OF COURSE. Average salary is 15000 INR which is nightmare after spending a million in 4 yrs, They say 100% placement which is now like a fashion trend that every pvt engg. college follows in India to attract as many admissions as possible. But at the end only 50% are placed. THEY WILL say VARIOUS RULES eg ONLY STUDENTS 60% in academics throughout career ARE ELIGIBLE(WHICH THEY DON'T INFORM DURING ADMISSION!!!) IT IS REALLY PAINFUL THAT PEOPLE WITH SEVERAL BACK PAPERS GET JOB EASILY BUT PEOPLE HAVING 9/10 CGPA also DONT GET JOB!!! I DONT KNOW WHY...core companies will come no doubt but only 3-5 are placed at end.

                          • This year 2016-2017 placements are worse but every year placements were of 80-90%.. Good to join here

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