Facilities at IILM, Jaipur

Bisnu Singh द्वारा
Facilities at IILM, Jaipur

     There is no doubt that IILM Academy of Higher Learning has a reputation like no other institute in Jaipur.  One of the reasons for its success lies in the premier facilities available to the students and faculty.  The building of IILM Academy of Higher Learning is 3-storeys high and houses numerous classrooms, conference rooms, counselling rooms, seminar hall, library, lecture rooms and computer labs. 

     The labs present in the institute are well-equiped with the latest hard and soft wares.  There is a high-speed wifi as well.  Each person associated with IILM, Jaipur is given a personal e-mail ID.

     Learning in an institute takes place predominantly in classrooms.  Thus, they need to be very comfortable and conducive to learning.  The classrooms and lecture halls are air-conditioned.  There are teaching aids such as LCD projectors, OHP and wifi connections available.

     Another important tool for an institute of such a name is an extensive library.  The library at IILM, Jaipur has a professional librarian for its upkeep.  The collection of books so far is 5000 and still increasing.  Several Management and related topics are covered by the books present.  This library acts as a reference tool for research and academic requirements as well as teaching.

     IILM, Jaipur keeps updating itself and its facilities as per the industry to ensure to bring the best and give the most to its students.

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