How is the placement at ICT

As ICT is better known for its reputation as a research college, most of ts students pursue careers in research. However ICT has MoUs with several well reputed companies. The average salary package received is 6 lakhs/annum, minimum is 4 lakh /annum and higest is 14 lakh per annum.

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  • ICT is considered as one of the best universities in India for pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. But if your primary goal is to earn big bucks right out of undergraduate school, ICT is not the place for you. Rather, Chemical Engineering is not for you. In India, Chemical Engineers are paid peanuts when they start right out of college, in any company. Of course there are exceptions with some students bagging a lucrative campus placement offer, but such exceptions are disturbingly rare. If your primary goal is to go to to graduate school, specifically in the field of Chemical Engineering, in world renowned universities, then ICT is the place for you. Mind you, just getting into ICT is not sufficient and your undergraduate grades matter a lot. But if you have a decent GPA, you can easily secure an admit to top US universities in their Chemical Engineering Departments, as ICT has a good reputation among top US schools as a research hub for Chemical Engineering in India and they are glad to induct ICT undergraduates into their graduate programs. In conclusion, ICT has decent placement record with average annual packages around 6 LPA. Only a few companies offer a starting package above 10 LPA. But I strongly feel that even good Chemical Engineers are grossly underpaid for their work in India and you need to work for several years to earn as much as a good CS graduate earns in his/her first year at a job.

    • My seniors have been placed decently (whoever wanted to take up placements that is) and many pursue further studies. Placement through ICT is good frankly.

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