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GSC-Government Science College


Government Science College

By Divya.S
Government Science College

Dancing is on the beautiful art and to promote dance is another beautiful art. It is very necessary to organizes different
culture and educate the people from that. Government of Science College has organized ballet swiss dance form in the
college, which was really amazing. The experts were invited from the other part of the nation who can spread there art in
our country.
It was organizes by the SAMOOHA association in the year 2010. In the ballet Swiss art the artists has shown the different
form of the ballet which is really appreciable and made it interesting. From this events the special message has been
passed to the audiences.
And this form of art is really beautiful and the artists are perfect in there dance perform they known the small things about
it which is really appreciable and it will surely promote in the country by Government Science College, Bangalore.


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