GNLU-Gujarat National Law University

GNLU-Gujarat National Law University


Gujarat National Law University

By Kunal Chaturvedi
Gujarat National Law University

Gujarat National Law University is govern by the Gujarat National Law University, Act, 2003. The main object of the Gujarat National Law University is to give the best knowledge of law and develop the legal qualities in the students. The responsibility of the college is to make the best lawyers of the nation, who are expert in the every legal field. The college tries to promote the management, technology , international cooperation development in the students, which make the University and nation proud.

The college organizes many events for the betterment of the students such as on

June 16 to 30, 2012 – GNLU-IIFS Summer school will teach about the insurance and law practice by the Mr. Amit Kumar, Ms. Anjani Singh and Ms. Jaya Hemnami

On 23 June 2012, GLEP organizes teachers training programnne which will be taken by Ms. Nidhi Buch and Ms. Nisha Trivedi. The University invites foreign expert and professors to educate the students- Dr. Ramy Bulun, Associate professor in University of Malaysia, Dr. Artrid Zei Associate professor in University of Rome, Prof. Tomar Brude- Senior Professor University of Jerusalem and many more.

The Gujarat National Law University has achieved a lot in many competitions such as

International Moot Court Competition
National Moot Court Competition
First national Law School who awards Rs.20,000 cash to the top ten students and many more.


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