GMI-Government MonoTechnic Institute

GMI-Government MonoTechnic Institute


Government MonoTechnic Institute

By Qasimali
Government MonoTechnic Institute

The Government MonoTechnic Institute is especially to help the people and the institute is committed to make the human value knowledge and the institute wants to develop the quality of education to the student  perfect and knowledgeable . The aspirants who are seeking for the good job is the best place to take the admission in the Government MonoTechnic Institute. 

There are various courses has been offered by the Government MonoTechnic Institute such as
Refrigeration Air Conditioning Technology

Computer Information Technology
Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
There are well maintained and well equipped facilities are provided by the college library is a center point of the
Government MonoTechnic Institute there are all the latest edition books are available in the library and the object of the library is to provide the best facilities in the library.
Sports- The institute encourage the students to participate in the sports and games from which the students get motivate and they become over all develop.

Other facilities are also provided by the college such as auditorium and students organizes many workshops, conference and other events to get knowledge about the subject and students gets the opportunity get interact with the eminent and prominent personalities of the industry.


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