GBC-Government Bangur College

GBC-Government Bangur College


Government Bangur College

By Kailash Chand
Government Bangur College

The college is governed and has been established by Government of Rajasthan in 1997. Government Bangur College offers courses as undergraduate courses in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Commerce, postgraduate programs as Master of arts (Marathi, English, Economics, History, Sociology, and Costing), research program in M.Phil English, Certificate courses in Spoken English, Computer, and Financial Accounting, with a post-graduate diploma in Ago Chemistry.

The Government Bangur College also offers vocational courses as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA). Government Bangur College also invites many experienced guest faculties from various universities for each academic session to guide students in a particular field and to provide a better perspective to the students to achieve the desired goals.

The Government Bangur College is offering its students a unique and vibrant stdy environment. The College campus consists of a well-furnished library, that has approx 53,000 books and journals in it and additionally subscribes to 24 periodic.

The college is also having a bok bank service by which it provides text books to its students. The Government Bangur College organizes cultural and curriculum based events for its students to perform their talents and skills in their desired manner. Government Bangur College runs a placement cell for guidance and training of students and has collaborated with many Multi-national companies for campus placements and training. The Training involves soft skills, improvising interview skills and work ethics along with knowledge about the companies and their work bouts along with the latest trends in business worlds.


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