GAT-Global Academy of Technology

GAT-Global Academy of Technology


Global Academy of Technology

By Satish Kumar
Global Academy of Technology

Global Academy of Technology fully concentrates on the best education for the students. The National Education Foundation established Global Academy of Technology in the year 2000. And the institute was established in the metro city of the nation Bangalore. The Global Academy of Technology is one of the best technology college who provides the best quality of education to the students who wants that there students should be the best and make the nation proud.
There are many course has been offered by the Global Academy of Technology for the students such as
Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics and Communication
Information Science and Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Basic Science and Mathematics
Civil Engineering
Master of Business Administration
There are many facilities has been provided by the Global Academy of Technology for the students which make comfortable to study such as- the college is having the world class infrastructure which, includes all the latest facilities that help the students to get the update what is going in the present industry. Library- the library of the college is one of the important things the collection of the books in the library is very good it help the students to get the clear picture of the respective subject. Other necessary facilities are also been provided by the college such as auditorium, gym, conference hall, seminar hall and lot more.


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