DFA-Department of Fine Arts
DFA-Department of Fine Arts

DFA-Department of Fine Arts

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University of Rajasthan

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University of Rajasthan

University of Rajasthan is located in urban area and its Central Campus is spread over 285.50 acres. The University of Rajasthan consists of the following components:

•  Constituent Colleges
• Post -graduate Teaching Departments
• Research Centers
The The post-graduate courses offered by the University of Rajasthan includes the following departments:
•  Biotechnology
• Micro-biology
• Information Technology
• Journalism and Mass Communication
• Finance Control
• Management
• Computer Applications
• Business Administration
• Fine Arts
• Film Production and Technology
• Food Technology

The department of Fine Arts of the University consists of 4 faculties in Deptt. of Dramatics, Deptt. of Music, Deptt. of Fine Arts, and Deptt. of Drawing and Painting. The Faculty of Fine Arts started professional degree course B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)in the year 1987. In year 2000,

The faculty also started course of Master of Fine Arts (MFA). The faculty has a large studio for each discipline apart from separate studios for specialized subjects such as Photography, Print Making, and Sculpture etc. Computers with multimedia capacities are being used by Applied Arts and Graphic Arts Students. Additionally the faculty of fine arts separate -workshops for the fine arts students to practisize their abilities in the areas of their specific field. Each semester the faculty organizes a tour for its students. The courses offers includes-MASTER OF FINE ARTS (APPLIED ART), MASTER OF FINE ARTS (PAINTING), MASTER OF FINE ARTS (SCULPTURE), and BACHELOR OF VISUAL ARTS (APPLIED ARTS/PAINTING/SCULPTURE).


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