Environmental studies
With rising concern over the environment, and increasing amounts of money being spent on it, environmental studies have become a huge area of academic interest, with numerous courses catering to myriad job opportunities available in the field. An interdisciplinary course, environmental study looks into the relationship between human beings and the environment and involves modules such as environmental sociology and justice, politics, economics, ethics, natural resource management, planning, pollution control etc.

Several institutions in India and around the world offer niche programmes in this field and offer excellent prospects for graduating students in international NGOs, such as Greenpeace, world bodies like the World Bank, as well as government and corporate jobs in the field. There are numerous scholarships, fellowships, and awards in the offing and the sky is the limit for those interested. Although traditionally a postgraduate qualification, environmental studies are now even offered at the undergraduate level. Nevertheless, a majority of students continue to pursue the two-year master’s degree. The syllabus includes relevant scientific modules in biology, physics, and chemistry, as well as the study of different forms of pollution, disaster management, and controlling environmental hazards. It has a large practical component, comprising laboratory work, field trips, projects, presentations, and a dissertation.
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