Colleges in Maharashtra
College in Maharashtra includes all types of college, starting from engineering college, medical college, arts and science college, fashion designing college, polytechnic college, law college, teacher training college and so on. In the western part of India, Mumbai situated. It is also known as ‘the commercial capital of India”. All the College in Maharashtra are given the equal importance as in the city Mumbai is well known as the heart of the city and the students in a large numbers  from all over the country come to study here. Maharashtra is a big state. The main cities here are Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Sholapur, Nasik etc.
The effort of the Maharashtra Government to make higher studies popular and accessible to the poor people and the rural and weaker section is quite commendable. College in Maharashtra are made for this endeavor and thus the opportunity is also increasing day by day in the cities of Maharashtra.
A statistic is given below by a popular website called “youth4work” where the approx lists of all University and College in Maharashtra are shown:
Maharashtra contains 44 universities, 32 medical college, 26 teacher training college, 147 engineering college, 21 arts and science college, 10 polytechnic and numerous other college.
There are many engineering college there in Maharashtra, some of the renowned are mentioned below:
Shri Shivaji Education Society’s College of Engineering and Technology: this popular engineering college is under the Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University and is situated in the 6th National highway, Akola. The course offers in this college are Chemical engineering, polymer technology, production and textile engineering, mechanical and civil, and chemical engineering. This is among the top listed College in Maharashtra.
All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society College: this particular College in Maharashtra is situated in Pune. The course offers in this college are a 4 year BE in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Production etc.
IITB: IIT Bombay was established in 1958. This instate is recognized as one of the best technological college in the country and the IITB is the best IIT college in the country. There has been a vibrant progress in all academic and research activities and research excellences, and is also ranked topped in infrastructure and facilities.
Lists of Medical College: 
BJ medical College: this College in Maharashtra is situated in Pune and it is a government affiliated medical college. The MBBS course is offered here. Except this there are renowned medical college like Bharati Vidyapityh New Medical College in Pune, D.Y Patil Education Society’s Medical College etc.
Renowned Law College:  LLB degrees provided in some famous law college of Maharashtra. Among them Balaji Law College, Bharati Vidyapith’s New Law College, N.S Law College in Mumbai are well known.
Polytechnic College: polytechnic College in Maharashtra are well known and famous and many students from different states come and study here. Among them Academy of Architecture in Mumbai offers diploma in Architectural Assistantship, diploma in civil engineering is offered by Acharya Shriman Arayan Tantra college in Mumbai.
There is Symbiosis Pune which is quite famous among the College in Maharashtra. Students eagerly waited to get admission over there.
So these are the information of renowned College in Maharashtra. if you want to know more, you have to visit the website of ‘Youth4work’.
This state lies in the western part of India which holds Mumbai – ‘The Commercial Capital of India’. The city of Pune is often referred as ‘Oxford of East’. Talking about colleges in Maharashtra, it is great to know that engineering, medical, commerce, arts and architecture streams are given equal importance.
The crème of engineers are considered to be obtained from Indian institute of Technology (IIT) and IIT Bombay is considered as one of the best IITs. Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur is listed as one of the good engineering college for deserving students. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune represents a unique state of art teaching and totally integrated education and research.
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune has found a place amongst the best medical colleges in the country and is widely acknowledged to be one of the premier medical institutes. Even B J Medical College, Pune is listed in the best top 25 Medical colleges. Government Polytechnics in Sholapur, Nasik, Ahmednagar, Pune, Mumbai, etc. provide excellent education in diploma. Non Engineering colleges like St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, Symbiosis in Pune, Ness Wadia in Pune and BMCC in Pune are some colleges which also provide quality education.
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