Bihar College of Engineering

Bihar College of Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Patna is affiliated to Patna University and was established in the year 2000. The college is offering a number of courses in applied sciences field on graduate and post graduate level including B.Tech in Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics & Communication and Mechanical Engineering along with Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The college has 5 departments in which it provides education, the department’s are-

1. Department of MBA and BBA
2. Department of Electrical and Electronics
3. Department of Electronics and Communication
4. Department of Computer Science
5. Department of Civil Engineering

The college management has its focuse on value enable education and making sure that students receive quality education and other aspects of education through practical knowledge. The college has faculty which is very motivational and curious to find new ways to make the students like the study programs in college through their experience and skills. The college organizes a variety of innovative events that are good for students and let them learn from these events and participate in such national and state level competition. National Institute of Technology, Patna conducts courses in both undergraduate and post graduate levels, in several branches of engineering.  National Institute of Technology, Patna also encourages students towards participation in sports and has a sports ground for cricket, volleyball, football and lawn tennis and a common room. National Institute of Technology, Patna gives an extended training to its students for placement cell and has an Placement record that speaks for itself.


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