ACP-Alard College of Pharmacy

ACP-Alard College of Pharmacy


glimpse of college

By Ankit Vishwakarma

This is just to give a glimpse of the college in case if any one need for their admission. I was the alumini of ACP- (2015-2018) pharma batch. The most special thing about this college is its beauty of the campus .you can find flora and fauna to yes ..also fauna.other than this is a good institute to inculcate lots of knowledge dont know about engineering i am talking about pharma. Faculties are good but some are biased to. Hostal facilities , their are lots of good PGs also one of them is lande hostal where i used to stay. one can enjoy free wifi in college campus.talking about placement, college will say there is 100% but from my point of view it is 80 to 90%. college should bring pharma companies rather than IT-companies. infrastructure is awesome u will enjoy it. in all best place to invest your money for the returns of knowledge. I hope this would help many of budding pharmacists.


  • Correction (2014-2018 batch) this was for the fresher students.

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