GLC-Government Law College
GLC-Government Law College

GLC-Government Law College

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Government Law College

By Geetpatwardhan
Government Law College

Government Law College provides modern facilities for the all round development of its students. There are variety of Law degrees which are considered by the University Under the aegis of Government Law College. One is three year bachelor of Law (LL.B.) degree and another one is five year integrated Bachelor of Law (B.A., LL.B) degree. There are 320 seats in Law (B.A.LL.B) course. Taking into consideration the unique success of LL.B. course, five year integrated B.A.LL.B course was initiated in the College.

Government Law College has a learning process that is interactive as well as learnable. Open group discussions are also part of classroom teaching. The regular classes are made more useful by follow-ups in the form of assignments, seminars and projects in the afternoon sessions.

To offers its students with practical experience various Moot-court competitions are held within the institute and selected students are sent for national level Moot-court competitions.JCL organizes visits to District Courts, High Courts and also to Lok Adalats to acquaint the students with practical aspect of legal process and legal system. The central library of the institute has 6,424 titles and 31,579 volumes for each department, in addition to the 169 journals in the library from national & 124 international societies. The central library has 5 computer systems with internet enabled on them, which is also a member of DELNET for research students. The ASTRA college campus consists of two auditoriums for guest lectures, festivals and seminar uses, with 600 and 2000 seating capacity respectively.


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