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Government college Kurukshetra University

By Soniya
Government college Kurukshetra University

Kurukshetra University was established in 1956 with a vision of ever striving to become a leader centre of academic excellence by expanding the frontiers of knowledge in global encompassment. The university laid their first foundation stone by the President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The holy tank Braham Sarovar western bank is the place of establishment of this university. The university not only develop the excellence in students but also provide the international environment to study. Not only India, the university offers world-class education to other countries as well.

The students equipped with skilla, insights, intelligence, experience are the part of this university. University of senior secondary model school, University College and college of education are the parts of the Kurukshetra University affiliated by it. With the increasing globalization, the university is still the pride of the heritage in India as established in kurukshetra, the place of Mahabharat. The facilities equipped by the university are not comparable to anything. Computer centre, health centre, NCC, NSS, youth and cultural affairs, SC cell IT cell, and many more are the part of the same.

The university does not only provide the platform for academics but a platform to prove oneself the true potential one carries. As we know, sky is the limit. This university is the example of such quote which affiliates the best of every student. The hard-work is not the only key to success, but the key is smart-work. This university believes in developing students who can differentiate between them and contribute their smartness and excellence in the society.


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