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GBU-Gautam Buddha University


Gautam Buddha University

By Rahul Kumar
Gautam Buddha University

Gautam Buddha University is a secular, egalitarian and critical University, it rely on the Buddhist philosophy and its applicability in restoring supremacy of peace, co-existence and development in totality. Gautam Buddha University ensure experimental and interdisciplinary learning and research in various filed of studies. The meticulously designed curriculum and pedagogical training programmes stay focued and all necessary knowledge required and desired for creating humane and rational society. 

The vision of the Gautam Buddha University is globally acclaimed integrated academic and research institution that creates a vibrant community of intellectuals and entrepreneurs endowed with character, creativity, competence and commitment. The motto of the University is to generate a community of scholars who can manage continuity and change, to provide knowledge based scientific solutions to satify the need of the society and industry.

Gautam Buddha University was established in 2002and its first academic starts in 2008. The university is fully funded by the New Delhi Okhla Industrial Development Authority. and the Greater Noida Development Authority. There are various courses offered by the University such as, School of Management, school of Applied science and vocational studies, school of Buddhist studies and civilization, school of information and technology, school of biotechnology, school of humanities and social science, school of law, justice and governance, school of engineering.

There are various facilities provided by the Gautam Buddha University like Boddhisattava Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Library, Corporate Relations cell, International collaborations, central computer labs, meditation center, Central Auditorium, International center and guest house, students accomdation and hostel facilities, sports and cultural activities.


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