Is there ragging in SU-Sastra University ? How bad is it ?

  • Neha Gupta
  • 04 oct.
  • 6 Respuestas

6 Respuestas
  • NO,Seniors are friendly and you can discuss your doubts and problems with them.

    • No

      • Ragging concept is not at all encouraged in Sastra,it's very strict and infact seniors also will be aware of that and the environment will be very friendly in this perspective.

        • Sastra University don't have Ragging and its very strict, if someone finds who is doing ragging he will be dismissed from university

          • There will be no ragging at all . First year students are provided seperate hostels , which have no senior students. But First year students should not go homw without getting permission from dean or extend holidays as it will lead to expulsion from university hostels irrespective of any request from parents .

            • not at all. You never find ragging throughout your btech, as u get paid 1500 rs for anti ragging during the admission time.

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