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MSRIT-M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology


`7676O8OOO8`Direct Admission in MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Por Simran Singh
`7676O8OOO8`Direct Admission in MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology

7676O8OOO8 Admission in MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology through Management Quota MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology is an autonomous college in Bangalore,Karnataka. It is affiliated to Visvesvaraya technical university and was established in 1962. MSRIT offers undergraduate, graduate and Phd in these fields -Bachelor of Engineering(B.E), Bachelor of Architecture(B.Arch.), Master of Technology(MTech), Master of Business Administration(MBA) and offers other programs which leads to award of PhD in particular field. India Today has ranked MSRIT as 16th best engineering College in India in 2016. MSRIT is also a well-known research centre in 12 areas. These includes engineering, technology and management disciplines. MSRIT is an autonomous institute. Direct Admission in MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology   What matters is quality of education we get in college, so that, you can groom yourself for a brighter future. Here,  M S Ramaiah has proved this through the mettle of their students. Admission in MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology ensures a promising career for it’s student. Here, are some of the points which will tell you what is the kind of environment in college- JOB OPPORTUNITIES–  The college has been providing placement for the students in the multinational companies like Google,Microsoft,Dell, Nokia, Infosys, Wipro. There is 100% placement guarantee for the students after graduation. Even the core branch students get job in their respective fields. EXTRA CURRICULAR AND STUDENT CLUB– The college has an IEEE Student branch which conducts techfest.  Various competitions such as Algomach, Design and Circuit debugging, Robotics,Treasure Hunt, Paper Presentation, Games, Tech Quiz and test, Product Design, Microprocessor Programming, Amazing Race, Photoshop Contest are held along with Workshops; which can guide the students on how to work on their skills. National event such as TEDx MSRIT was organised by the students. MSRIT have “UDBHAV” as the annual Cultural Fest. MSRIT and government of karnataka conducts Youth Fest  held as annual fest. These fests are open to all engineering colleges.

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