MIT-Modi Institute of Technology

MIT-Modi Institute of Technology


MIT- Modi Institute of Technology is one of the leading universities in India.

Por Kavita Mehta
MIT- Modi Institute of Technology is one of the leading universities in India.

1. Campus- The hallmark of the campus is the good facilities which cater to the academic and extracurricular interests of the students.  The college is equipped with various modern facilities like sophisticated laboratories, conference hall and library. Computer labs of MIT are maintained by Computer Support Group of the institute. Every construction project the organization has set principles for other institute to pursue. Throughout the educational year we provide lodging and cookery for our Students and Staff.
2. A course offered- The organization offers Under Graduate Courses in ten branches and Post Graduate Courses in twenty one disciplines of Science, Engineering & Technology besides Ph.D. In all the departments.
3. Faculty - The faculty is inducted through the development of open advertisement throughout the country. The college is an example of cultural unity with students drawn from most of the states in the country.

The main aim of MIT institution is to everlastingly experimenting with thought and building forays into learning. Technical temper is inculcated amongst our students through a variety of activities like development way of knowledge and lab experience. We started our work a few years ago with the basic purpose of providing high quality teaching. MIT is one of the premier institutes offering computer science education in India.

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