MBKC-MET Bhujbal Knowledge City

MBKC-MET Bhujbal Knowledge City

Who is the best and the worst teacher in MBKC-MET Bhujbal Knowledge City ? why ?

  • Neha Gupta
  • 11 sep.
  • 1 Respuestas

1 Answer
  • Electrcial deparment has the worst teacher in MET .They dont have an knowledge of the singal subject .they even dont qualifity to be a teacher.i give an example when we have to perform an electronic practical we have to go to electronic lab so that we can get proper electronic teacher so that he can operate the pratical. worst in class they still cant even teach the basic managment subject.best is the some teacher i personaly mention some of the worst teacher in electrical deparment beacause i have gone thorght the worst teaching that why i dont think that every one sholud go thorght this."Utakarsha mohite","Nikam" , this guy are the worst of the worst.this guy can't speck an proper english. worst in teaching can't explain the basic machine subject nor electronices not power system. please DONT GET ADMISSION IN MET ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT is just waste of your TIME, waste of money . and fun part of all time they have the least plecment rate of college. So THat the truth.I my self doning M.E and i can surely say that for Electrical that the worst college in all nashik not beacuse of it campus but it really don't have good staff. you will just have one good and knowledgeable person that is the HOD of Deparment "KADAM sir" he is good but rest of is just worst . so just get admission to some other college of Electrcial engg. This guy dont deserv you time.

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