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Por Shubham Maheshwari

1.The revised Academic System caters for allowing compensation in the form of pro-rata marks being allowed to students who miss examination(s) due to genuine reasons.

2. Following procedure is to be adopted for awarding such a benefit /establishing genuiness of the case.

3. Action by the students (Medical Cases)

(a) They should report absence from the examination(s) by fastest possible means to the Registrar. It could be email at registrar@jiit.ac.in or written communication by speed post or sent by hand through any means. In case of Hosteller’s, if a student falls sick while residing in the hostel, he /she should seek advice of the Institutional Medical Officer.

(b) The said report should preferably be sent prior to the examination(s), but not later than 3 days of last date of the said examination(s).

(c) The student should on rejoining

(i) Report to the Institutional Medical Officer with complete medical documents  to include referral/Prescription slip of the doctor specifically indicating the disease and medicine prescribed,, investigation/Lab reports and discharge slip in case of admission.,

(ii) Obtain his/her views on the genuiness of the case on the proforma available with the Medical Officer (Annexure-1)

(iii) Submit the documents along with the proforma with remarks of the Institutional Medical Officer to the Registry:

(aa) Within 5 days of rejoining; or

(bb) Not later than 10 days of last date of examination.

(d) In case delay beyond 10 days is anticipated the student should arrange for the medical documents to be sent to the Institutional Medical Officer by hand of friend / relative etc. and get the said genuiness proforma filled-up and deposit the same with the Registry.

(e) No request later than 10 days of last date of examination shall be accepted for reasons of ignorance or any other reasons.


4. Action by students (any other reason) 
In case the student has to miss examination due to genuine reason other than medical, prior written sanction of VC and in his absence of Dean is mandatory. No post facto requests shall be accepted in any case. The approval should be deposited with the Registrar before the examination(s).


5. Action by Registry

(a) Registry shall compile the list of absentees for each examination as hither-to-for.

(b) The cases where applications for benefit have been received shall be put-up to the VC, alongwith the opinion of Institutional Medical Officer.

(c) VC shall record his decision on each case.

(d) The decision shall be communicated to the student within a period of 20 days of last date of examination.

(e) The decision on the approved cases shall be communicated to the concerned faculty for award of pro-rata marks, while all other absentees (not approved cases) shall be awarded Zero marks in the said examination(s). The pro-rata marks of T-1 or T-2 shall be allotted only on completion of T-3 Examination.

Approving genuiness in each case is prerogative of the VC and student shall have no right to appeal on the same. Therefore student should not make an assumption that reporting sick and obtaining the slip for rest etc. from the Medical Authorities including Institutional Medical Officer is an adequate reason to exempt themselves from the examination(s).


6. Absence from Labs/Project Viva 
On numerous occasion students miss out the Exams for above events on specified dates. They must put up the request, to the supervisor to allot alternate date(s). The requests shall be put up by the supervisors to the HODs, who shall provide alternate date(s), if considered genuine. The decision of HOD is final.


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