FIEM-Future Institute of Engineering and Management

FIEM-Future Institute of Engineering and Management


Placements Department of FIEM

Por Sourav Das
Placements Department of FIEM

     The students of Future Institute of Engineering and Management are a very bright and able lot.  So it is evident that the management is keen to place them in appropriate firms or companies.  This is precisely the reason why the Placement Cell of FIEM is very strong and hard at work all the time. 

     The department focuses on the counselling of the studentsby the faculty and trained professionals.  Students are at times very confused as to what they want to achieve and other times as to how to achieve what they aspire for.  This is taken care of at FIEM.  Another aspect this capable department takes care of in the personality development of the institution's students.  This programme takes care of interview tackling skills also and usually trainers and corporate personnel step in to do the job.  They also provide speacial support to the students during their campus interviews.

     The training part of this department arranges vocational training for the engineering students and summer trainings for the management students.  Through these trainings, the students are exposed to the latest technologies in their respective areas of work. 

     These efforts of the Placement Cell bear fruit as there are many companies which re-visit the institute again and again.  There are many success stories as well of students getting placed according to their first choice and recieving the salary package deal that they desire.


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