Delhi School of Art

Por Chanchal Ganguly
Delhi School of Art

The people who are creative and interested in this field are having a very good opportunity to learn more. Now this can be possible in India and art is such as beautiful creativity which need to learn perfectly and it the Delhi School of Art helps the aspirants to pursue their career in the field of art. The mission of the Delhi School of Art is to sharpen and refine the talents of the learners and make them perfect. The institute help the students to make them perfect and know about the depth about the subject with the latest and modern techniques.

The Delhi School of Art is having it special features such as it is highly qualified and experienced faculty, who are always ready to help the students, outdoor trip help the students to create something different and bring some innovative and creative ideas, visit to painting exhibition help them to know about the subject and get interact with the prominent and eminent painter of the world. From Annul exhibition, students get motivation the creative work done by
them from others.

The Delhi School of Art organizes many events to motivate the students such as

10th grand annual art exhibition

Art exhibition “OOJRA”

XIII annual fest

There are various courses are offered by the Delhi School of Art such as

Full time course
Super Professional Course and
Short Term course these three type of courses are offered to the students , interested time duration and courses can be selected by the aspirants and pursue their career in art.


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