CTAE-College of Technology and Engineering

CTAE-College of Technology and Engineering

  • Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology

  • India


Providing best technical education by intelligent professors

Por Mahesh Bansal
Providing best technical education by intelligent professors

1.Courses Offered : The College of Technology and Engineering affords graduate level courses, namely, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering , Information Technology, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Processing and food Engineering, Soil & Water Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and many more and postgraduate programs Masters in Business Administrators (MBA).
2.  Library : The College has a fallacious and a well prepared library which is scamper according to a release access system. The Library occupies an area of 1100 Sq. Meter and has more than 150 seats for its readers. It has a rich collection of about 53000 Volumes of Books, Bound Periodicals, Reference collection, Ph.D. Thesis, ME/ BE Project Reports, Standards and CD-ROMs. The Library has procured SOUL Software and computerized all the activities. More than 1550 Users using the library regularly.
3.  Placement : The College has an Information and Placement Bureau (IPB), functioning since 2001. The IPB caters to the requirements of students in respect of their assignment by appealing companies, MNCs and Corporate and arranging on-campus recruitments for them; and also acquainting them about the promising work trends worldwide. The bureau offers all technical amenities for arrangements, written test, online test, group discussion and dialogues to the recruiters. The bureau also invites, from time to time, experts to the institution to premeditated as to how to arrange for the different aggressive examinations like MBA, GATE, RAS, IAS etc. And assists students in choosing a fine organization for additional studies for a better profession.
A restricted number of deprived students may be occupied for time spring temporary appointment in workshops, ranch and at other places to do the selected job. Such students shall be remunerated compensation so as to assist them while they study, expand an intelligence of attainment and learn convinced methods through this movement.


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