DU-Dibrugarh University

DU-Dibrugarh University

What kind of college fests are organized in DU-Dibrugarh University ? are they good ?

  • Neha Gupta
  • 05 Oct
  • 2 Answers

2 Answers
  • The students of Dibrugarh University are very much active in organising college fests. The Student Council of the University organises The Varsity Week every year which is very much exciting. Also there are other fests like National Pharmacy Week, Anazori and Sanmilan which are pretty much good and enjoyable. Above all these events, finally there comes the Btech Dept of the University with its Techno Cum Management Fest, Auxesis. The tech fest is a must visit fest for the youngsters out there because trust me, you will never regret that you paid 100-200 bucks for the pass in the last night because the environment you will be getting here is seen nowhere in entire Upper Assam. I will definitely suggest you people to visit the last night of Auxesis i.e CHROMATIC WALTZ, if not atleast once. It is a show to be remembered. 🔥🔥

    • There is no college fests as such. However the DUPGSU annually organises the varsity week(sports,literature,culture etc) in the even semesters . Apart from this joyful event, other events like auxesis(B.tech dept.), National pharmacy week(pharm. Scs),anazori etc boosts the excitement.

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