Colleges for Power Plant Machinery
Power plant machinery typically includes heavy electrical engineering equipments solely used in production plants. These machineries are turbines, boiler, heavy capacitive transformers, coal dragging machines etc.  The engineering subject involve behind the study of power plant machinery is both mechanical & electrical engineering. However, the modern controlling panel installed in large enterprises as production system has been considered as power plant machinery. This control panel’s plate is called VLSI or very large scale integration which manifests itself as an offshoot of Electronics Engineering. Modern engineering is entirely instrumental because in every aspects of categorized engineering discipline use of complex instruments is inevitable. Ranging from Civil to Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics engineering, mathematically devised instruments are used for precise & accurate drawing, design, planning and development of production processing system. The pure instrumental engineering is termed as Instrumentation that largely deals with electronics based instruments & process controlling systems in large engineering enterprises such as oil, gas, power, shipping corporation et al. which constitutes itself as an edifice of Power Plant Machinery.
In all Indian Universities which have given affiliation to engineering colleges offer modern engineering courses. This engineering course has been endorsed by AICTE.  Technical universities like WBUT, BIT, and IIT Kharagpur & IIT Roorkee & few private colleges offer B.Tech or B.E in both Mechanical & Electrical for Power Plant Machinery. The job prospects are immense in India & outside of after completing engineering course in Power Plant Machinery, so, a valid degree can bring you a good career in future.
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  • DIKU-Department of Instrumentation Kurukshetra University

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  • ME MTech-Master of Engineering or Technology ME MTech-Master of Engineering or Technology
DIKU-Department of Instrumentation Kurukshetra University
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