Colleges for Petroleum
Scarcity of coal and other natural resources have indulges us to shift our rational attention upon green products. They are water, wind & solar energy. But on the other hand petroleum is considered as natural crude oil thereby forming beneath the earth’s surface. More commonly, this crude oil is also referred as fossil fuel. Whatever it may names, scarcity has surrounded it since its natural elements hydro carbon is dissolving. The study of Petroleum Engineering demands the analytical ability & spatial skill in understanding the geo mechanism of Petroleum. The subject considers as one of the most pursuing engineering courses among other disciplines in the technical colleges. Petroleum Engineering assimilates into not only the deep study of chemical science but also mathematics that applied when exploration of petroleum take place. GIS or Global Information System & GPS are both used in finding the actual location of crude oil under the deep sea.
Major engineering subjects have been divided into three categories but the genre of Petroleum Engineering seems different because this subject is formed by uniting more than applied engineering courses. To pursue this hot engineering course you have to sit for common admission test organized by JEE/AIEEE to complete valid B.E or B.Tech from the recognized colleges.  IIT, Delhi University, Jadavpur University and  Shibpur University et al offering this course with placement assistance to students of petroleum engineering in our country. Moreover, if you want to pursue M. Tech in Petroleum Engineering your eligibility should be counted what you have scored in GATE exam.
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  • JU-Jagannath University

  • Jagannath University Jagannath University

  • Jaipur, India Jaipur, India

  • BE BTech-Bachelor of Engineering or Technology BE BTech-Bachelor of Engineering or Technology
  • JU-Jagannath University-Summary Jagan Nath University college is well maintained and it uplift the students in every field.
JU-Jagannath University
  • NWC-Nowrosjee Wadia College

  • University of Pune University of Pune

  • Pune, India Pune, India

  • M.Sc-Master of Science M.Sc-Master of Science
  • NWC-Nowrosjee Wadia College-Summary The college is located at Pune started by Ness Wadia; in the name of his father Nowrosjee Wadia.
NWC-Nowrosjee Wadia College
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