College for Biometrics and Cyber Security
Biometrics refers to the identification of humans not drones by their physical characteristics or traits that differ largely between individuals. Biometrics is a common identification trait done by modern computer technology. It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance. With the advent of modern computer technology the need to identify humans as personnel has occurred & thus the new system came into existence namely Biometrics which evolves from traditional password authentication to the recognition of individual behavioral characteristics.  Cyber Security is an additional anti-theft program of Biometrics that keeps your website in a safe browsing environment.  Phising, hacking in passwords, email theft or unsafe browsing are several unresolved issues during surfing internet at that time when modern information technology has just came to be recognized to people around the globe. Biometrics & Cyber Security has been included into academic disciplines of Computer Science Engineering.
Essentially, the advancement of the biometric research & cyber security development has found huge interest among students who want to pursue their B. Tech (IT) from good universities.  Several reputed government institutes like IITs, University of Hyderabad offer degree B.Tech in Biometrics & Cyber Security. Good scores in either JEE or AIEEE may excel your admission into those academic giants. You can also avail short-term diploma course from other privately run institutions to feed your knowledge need. Without pursuing degree course in Biometrics & Cyber Security one can take admission in computer science engineering where Biometrics & Cyber Security paper is compulsory.
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  • RDC-Rajganj Degree College

  • Vinoba Bhave University Vinoba Bhave University

  • Dhanbad, India Dhanbad, India

  • B.Sc-Bachelor of Science B.Sc-Bachelor of Science
  • RDC-Rajganj Degree College-Summary Rajganj Degree College was established as a private campus. It is located Dhanbad in Jharkhand.
RDC-Rajganj Degree College
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