Who is the best and the worst teacher in GEU-Graphic Era University ? why ?

  • Neha Gupta
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  • In GEU, Teachers are more concerned about student. So in every new semester batch they upgrade their teaching style and they are more focused about practical knowledge. Best thing about them, they always motivate by forcing you in hard way to live and very helpful.So for some students it might be a worst teacher or Best teacher but for me they are the best faculty I ever seen.

    • geu hava a one of the most hardworking knowledgeable faculty . They not only focus on bookish knowledge but try to focus ob your overall faculty.

      • faculty was good one of the best college in Dehradun .

        • There are many teachers that are way better, When I was in college I thought it would be the same college thing like nobody is bothered to teach u or put in efforts. I was wrong and the teachers are actually dedicated and hardworking and they are very knowledgeable. Rest is up to you how much you are eager to acquire from them.

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