How are the placements in GEU-Graphic Era University ?

What is the general placement trend? The average salaries and what percentage of students actually find a job directly from campus ?.
What kind and which companies visit the campus ?

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  • As per concern, GEU provide Placement depends upon students academic percentage (more option for throw out 65%)

    • As per my concern, GEU provide Placement depends upon students academic percentage (more option for throw out 65% oR 60%)

      • Placement depends upon students, however university provide opportunity time to time

        • First you have to look at the fact that which branch you are trying to opt for.Since you have not mentioned the branch to opt for let me give you a common placement numbers Total placement of all courses this year since January 2015 has been around 1444,besides this most of the companies take Computer Science Students.Direct Companies Placement for Computer Science branch is best in Graphic Era in whole Uttarakhand. Companies that usually visit include: *Infosys(Packages start from 2.28-3.45 lakhs per year) *Accenture(Almost same as above) *Wipro(Almost same as above) *TCS(Although their last visit was around 3-4 years back ) Besides these companies their are many more but they pick only 2-10 students but their starting package is around 4 lakhs. You need to also consider the fact that all companies which take students in bulk does not give high starting packages they tend to keep packages per year same for around two years then you may notice increase in salary as per your performance. If you want to opt for branch other than computer science then you may not find as much placements as Computer Science. Some other companies are: *Ashoka Leyland(Only does Pool Campus in either graphic Era or DIT) *Samsung(Visited in 2012)

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